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You know you need to make your website sales pages as effective as possible, to achieve as high a percentage as when converting visits to leads or sales (called the conversion rate).

The act of making sure your conversion rate is as high as possible is called Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO), and is a critical field of online business.

This article is not about the best optimisations to apply to your sales page, it is about how to go about using a free tool to manage your CRO process, given the assumption you know some CRO basics.

The free CRO management tool is called Optimizely.

Go ahead and sign up (click Test It Out) in parallel as you read this guide.

After you sign up, you’ll be taken to

This guide assumes you wish to optimize a website, so click Web Project:

Enter the URL of your website, and click Start Editing.

Follow the guided tour by clicking Yes, Let’s Go, then click OK.

Click on an element of your own web page you see in the editor. Optimizely will provide a guide on what to do with each element.

Make the changes on your webpage you think will lead to higher conversions.

Make sure you rename the variation you have made of your webpage by clicking “Variation #1”, clicking “Rename Variation” and then provide a more appropriate name for the variation, e.g. “With an image added”.

When you have made at least 1 variation, and possibly more, click Start Experiment at top right. Save changes if prompted.

Sign up for a “Starter Plan” by clicking “Test it out” under Starter Plan.

After you have signed up for the Starter Plan, you’ll see your Experiment listed. Click the experiment name, then click “Start Experiment”.

You’ll be prompted to add the Optimizely code snippet, which looks something like <script src=””></script>

If you need help adding this code to your website, contact me, and I’ll update this guide with the instructions.

Once the code has been added to your website, the experiment is in action, and you’ll be able to compare different variations of the same page to compare which variation produces the most conversions.